Board Composition

  • Advisory Council

    The Advisory Council (AC) serves at the discretion of the President to provide guidance and support to the DCPBK board. Typically, the AC is composed of three experienced former officers who actively participate in board meetings, but without voting, chairing, or financial responsibilities. They advise on the history, traditions, and procedures of the association, and…

  • Appointed Volunteers

    A small but mighty team, our appointed volunteers are the lifeblood of the board’s operations. They are a vital support to officers and serve in a variety of essential capacities. Members generally join the board as appointed volunteers and serve for one to two years in this capacity before assuming positions on the executive committee.

  • At Large Executive Committee Members

    The executive committee is comprised of the officers and up to 6 additional members elected from the appointed volunteers who serve on the board. At large members of the executive committee tend to be among the longest serving volunteers with relatively high levels of responsibility, including ownership of some of our flagship programs. The executive…

To learn more about our governance structure, see our Constitution and By-Laws.

Board Members

  • Alaina Ruffin

    Alaina Ruffin

    Social Media Chair

    Alaina Ruffin is a Northern Virginia native, born and raised in Herndon, VA, just outside…

  • Brynn Poppe

    Brynn Poppe


    Brynn Poppe is the Secretary of the Board for the DC Area Phi Beta Kappa…

  • Christel G. McDonald

    Christel G. McDonald

    Former President

    Christin Arthur, Membership & Outreach Coordinator, graduated summa cum laude from George Mason University in…

  • Christina Hughes

    Christina Hughes

    Mentorship Network Chair

    Christina Hughes is a transplant to DC from Houston, TX, where she graduated magna cum…

  • Deirdre LaPin

    Deirdre LaPin

    Former Vice President of Member Experience

    Deirdre LaPin, Ph.D, MPH, serves as an advisor to the Board of the Phi Beta…

  • Elizabeth “Liz” Marshall Anderson

    Elizabeth “Liz” Marshall Anderson

    National PBK Liasion

    Liz Marshall Anderson is an associate at Morvillo LLP where she advises clients on complex…

  • Kate Smith

    Kate Smith

    Book Club Chair

    Kate Hannon graduated summa cum laude from Boston University in 2010 as a History and…

  • Kelly Williams

    Kelly Williams

    French Group Chair

    Kelly is a book-loving, travel-mad, contra-dancing, mostly-vegetarian musician and educator. She was inducted into Phi…

  • Kyle Coen

    Kyle Coen

    Vice President of Member Experience

  • Lindsay Parco (Osborne)

    Lindsay Parco (Osborne)

    Immediate Past President

    Lindsay is a Past President of the DC PBK Executive Board. She was inducted into…

  • Matthew Thomas

    Matthew Thomas


    Matthew Thomas is currently the Treasurer/Webmaster, Events Vice Chair of DCPBK. He is an Economist…

  • Molly Rose Malaney

    Molly Rose Malaney

    Spanish Group Chair

    Molly Rose Malaney has been the Spanish Group Chair for DCPBK since 2022.

  • Niku Neshati

    Niku Neshati


    Niku Neshati is the President of the Board for the DC Area Phi Beta Kappa…

  • Paul Lubliner

    Paul Lubliner

    Newsletter Publisher

    Paul Lubliner, past president of the D.C. Area Phi Beta Kappa Association, now serves as…

  • Rose Burberry-Martin

    Rose Burberry-Martin

    Newsletter Editor

    Rose Burberry-Martin is the Newsletter Editor for DCPBK.

  • Sameer Jaywant

    Sameer Jaywant

    High School Awards Chair

  • William Briggs Burton

    William Briggs Burton

    Vice President of External Relations

    W. Briggs Burton is a Registered Wealth Management Client Associate with The Corey Group at…

Presidents of the DC Area Phi Beta Kappa Association

2024-Present Niku Neshati

2023-2024 Lindsay Marissa Osborne

2021-2023 Rebecca DeSantis-Randall

2019-2021 Breann Watt

2017-2019 Nina M. Kuo

2015-2017 Elizabeth “Liz” Marshall Anderson

2013-2015 David L. MacDonald

2012-2013 (Interim) Andrew Steigman

2012-2012 Geoffrey Klopp

2010-2012 Paul B. Lubliner

2008-2010 Andrew Steigman

2006-2008 Valerie Neal

2005-2006 Christel G. McDonald

2004-2005 Edward “Ed” A. Molnar

2002-2004 Christel G. McDonald

2000-2002 Eddie Eitches

1998-2000 Christel G. McDonald

1996-1998 Hazel M. B. Ingersoll

1994-1996 Christel G. McDonald

1992-1994 Linda R. Sveinsson

1990-1992 Gloria G. Cochran

1989-1990 Samuel E. Fry

1987-1989 John E. Manion

1986-1987 Hazel M. B. Ingersoll

1984-1986 Kenneth F. McLaughlin

1982-1984 Hazel M. B. Ingersoll

1980-1982 Louise M. Rovner

1978-1980 Herbert W. Weber

1976-1978 George W. Ingle

1971-1976 Esther C. Lawton

1961-1971 Edward R. Place