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Supporting and Recent Graduate Membership

  • You must be a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society to join DCPBK
  • We offer three membership levels: Supporting ($100/year), Contributing ($40/year), and Recent Graduate/Current Student.
  • Supporting and Contributing memberships are for one year, from the date we receive your payment.
  • The Recent Graduate/Current Student membership is free, until the end of the year after graduation.
  • All contributions to DCPBK are tax-deductible.
  • DCPBK is separate from the Phi Beta Kappa Society, so your donations to the Society do not directly benefit DCPBK.
  • Our membership list is used only for the purposes of the Association. It will not be used for commercial or political solicitation.

Benefits of DCPBK Membership

  • Involvement in DCPBK Committees helps members learn or perfect skills in leadership, management, and team-building.
  • Employers view active participation in DCPBK as a competitive advantage and mark of personal distinction.
  • Hands-on opportunities for passing on life-long learning to younger generations bring deep personal rewards through the High School Awards Program, the Mentorship Program, and PBK Chapter events at local universities.
  • DCPBK events open up fresh experiences and ideas through very close encounters with renowned experts, edifying excursions, and hot topic debates.