Deirdre LaPin DCPBK Donor

Deirdre LaPin

I have supported the High School Awards Program which DCPBK created in 1974 to encourage the diverse student population attending public and charter schools in our area. The program provides scholarships for college-bound seniors who demonstrate excellence, creativity, and industry. After helping out for quite a few years, I decided to establish a substantial legacy…

Nina Kuo DCPBK Donor Showcase

Nina Kuo

As President of the Association, I already volunteer my time as a board member, but without enough funds, one can only do so much. The DCPBK is an entirely volunteer-run organization, with zero paid staff. Our money is earmarked for providing high school scholarship awards to deserving recipients, for running our various programs, and for…

Paul Lubliner, DCPBK Featured Donor

Paul Lubliner

Why I Donated

I donated to help support our high school awards program. As a member of the awards committee, it feels good knowing that the high schoolers we choose embody the ethos of Phi Beta Kappa. This is just one way our association helps raise the profile of Phi Beta Kappa and what it advocates for—the importance of a strong liberal arts and science education.
The Association has provided me the opportunity to expand my leadership skills as an Association officer, make friends, help others through our mentorship program, and learn about fascinating topics through our events.