Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of the D.C. Area Phi Beta Kappa Association 

To our Members and potential members:

Our membership list is used only for the purposes of the D.C. Area Phi Beta Kappa Association (D.C. PBK). It will not be used for commercial or political solicitation. When you sign up to join, if you do not accept the "media relsease" we cannot promise that you will never be in a photo that we publish online. The purpose of the "media release" is to give you an opportunity to inform us that you wish us not to publish your image so that we can make a reasonable effort to protect your privacy. If you accept the media release, we still will not associate your name with your picture(s) unless you give us your expressed permission to do so. Keep in mind this does not include if your name appears in the image of the original picture, such as on a name tag. If this could potentially pose problems, please let us know.

To visitor of our website:

D.C. PBK collects anonymous information from visitors to this website through google analytics in order to determine:

1) how many people visit our website
2) the most popular pages on our website
3) how people found our website

The purpose in collecting this anonymous information is to improve our membership outreach and better cater to the interests of our members. While our website does collect IP addresses, we will only use this information to identify the source of any malicious activity directed toward our website.

High School Awards Program:

The information collected from applicants to the High School Award Program will only be shared with the permission of the applicant, and for the purpose of presenting the merit award. The exception is that those applicants that become award winners may be contacted by us to collect testimonials and a basic biography of them will be published in our newsletter and on our website. Applicants will not be automatically enrolled to receive other emails and/or solicitations of any sort. Applicants who do not wish to receive further emails can contact us at

Privacy Policy last updated: April 9, 2013