Membership Levels

Why Your Support is Important to Us

The D.C. Area Phi Beta Kappa Association needs your support so that we can continue our programming. While we use some of our income to subsidize certain events, and to cover a variety of administrative costs, the majority of our revenue goes toward our High School Awards Program. Last year we gave out $3,000 worth in scholarships to deserving high school seniors to offset the rise in tuition costs and to help spread awareness of the importance of the liberal arts and sciences. We would like to expand our schoalrship program. To get a better idea of what our high school Awards program could look like in the future, we encourage you to read about the awards programs of other PBK Associations such as the Northern California and Southern California Associations.

Gold Level Membership

Beyond the basic membership level of $30 per year, we wish to recognize our more generous donors at the Gold Level on both the Supporters page of our website and in our newsletters. Gold Level Membership is a minimum of $100 per year above the current dues rate. Gold level members will be recognized on our supporters page along with other contributors to our "100-100-100 Campaign."  If you have any questions regarding Gold level membership, please contact us. Thank you for your support!